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MY AIMING LCD Aiming Device


  • Please check out the newer version of the MyAiming device which includes the original MyAiming feature.


    MY AIMING LCD Aiming and Body Turn Device (T-1000)




    Product Description


    • ✔️Confidence in your Aiming - Enough with fades and slices! Now hit them straight!  
    • ✔️Long Battery Life - One charge lasts a whole season! MY AIMING will not give up.  
    • ✔️Simple to use - So simple, everyone can use it.  
    • ✔️Design - Design that matches your attire. Winner of the 2019 IF DESIGN AWARD!  
    • ✔️3 in 1 - Get Haptic, Audio, and Visual at once. 


    Contents : My Aiming Device, Cable, and Manual


    Colors : White, Black


    Charging : Micro USB



    How to Use


    • 1. Stand behind the ball facing the target.  
    • 2. Press confirm button on My Aiming (Check to make sure the screen displays 0 degrees).  
    • 3. Address the ball normally. (Check to make sure the screen displays 90 degrees).  


    Helpful Tips

    On The Tee-box

    *Fade Shot

    Adjust your stance to the left of the target to about 70-80 degrees.

    *Draw Shot

    Adjust your stance to the right of the target to about 100-120 degrees.


    In A Green Side Bunker

    Typically, you want to adjust to set the angle at about 60-70 degrees.

    ※ You may need to adjust the angle depending on the lie condition and/or type of shot.


    On The Green

    Select your target for the putt after calculating the slope of the putt. Set My Aiming to 0 degrees while facing that spot.


    In Driving Range

    Select a target on the driving range and use that point as the target spot to set My Aiming to 0 degrees. (Please be aware of your surroundings)

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    Shipping Standards

    • U.S. Domestic: 3~5 business days  



    Please refer to our standard Return Policy.

    *For any returns or exchanges made from a change of mind, MyAiming is not responsible for the shipping cost.