MY AIMING LCD Aiming Device
MY AIMING LCD Aiming Device
MY AIMING LCD Aiming Device

MY AIMING LCD Aiming Device

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  • ✔️Confidence in your Aiming - Enough with fades and slices! Now hit them straight!
  • ✔️Long Battery Life - One charge lasts a whole season! MY AIMING will not give up.
  • ✔️Simple to use - So simple, everyone can use it.
  • ✔️Design - Design that matches your attire.  Winner of the 2019 IF DESIGN AWARD!
  • ✔️3 in 1 - Get Haptic, Audio, and Visual at once.


Contents: My Aiming Device, Cable, and Manual

Colors: White, Black

How to Use
1. Stand behind the ball facing the target.
2. Press confirm button on My Aiming (Check to make sure the screen displays 0 degrees).
3. Address the ball normally. (Check to make sure the screen displays 90 degrees).

Charging: Micro USB

Helpful Tips
On The Tee-box
*Fade Shot
Adjust your stance to the left of the target to about 70-80 degrees.
*Draw Shot
Adjust your stance to the right of the target to about 100-120 degrees.

In A Green Side Bunker
Typically, you want to adjust to set the angle at about 60-70 degrees.
※ You may need to adjust the angle depending on the lie condition and/or type of shot.

On The Green
Select your target for the putt after calculating the slope of the putt.  Set My Aiming to 0 degrees while facing that spot.

In Driving Range
Select a target on the driving range and use that point as the target spot to set My Aiming to 0 degrees.  (Please be aware of your surroundings)




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