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ACTIBEAU Cream Moisturizing Facial Mask (5pk set) + FREE Foaming Facial Cleanser


Special Package: Buy 1 Facial Mask Pack and Get 1 FREE Foaming Facial Cleanser!

Intensive Cream Moisturizing Facial Mask (5pk set)

Moisture cream mask that creates a lively and elastic skin through concentrated moisture care on each skin layer.

“ACTIBEAU INTENSIVE CREAM MOISTURIZING FACIAL MASK protects the skin from sunlight skin-aging from outdoor activities through restricting pigment production.”

The moisture cream creates an oil layer preventing moisture loss, supplies sufficient amount of moisture to each skin layer, prepares for moisture evaporation from sunlight through reinforcing moisture confinement, makes a moisturized and elastic skin, uses a patented ingredient that blocks the melanin synthesis inside stratum corneum to prevent hyperpigmentation due to UV ray, and maintains a bright skin.

Uses natural plant-based hyaluronic acid, so it has a 120% moisturizing effect compared to a general hyaluronic acid.

Yang Guifei of China favored snow fungus according to the legend. Tremella Moist Plus uses Hetero-Polysaccharide extracted from snow fungus. Hetero-Polysaccharide has 120% of moisturizing effect compared to a general hyaluronic acid, so it applies a soft usage texture without any stickiness even in high viscosity. Also, this ingredient excels at removing active oxygen, increases active SOD, so it limits skin-aging.

Moisturizing ability stronger than hyaluronic acid 

delays skin-aging through restricting active oxygen

Uses 6 types of hyaluronic acid that penetrates into every skin layer to supply moisture and increase skin volume.

Our skin is composed of 3 layers: epidermis that protects the skin from exterior factors, dermis that contains moisture and supplies nutrients to the skin and preserves elasticity, and subcutaneously layer that prevents heat loss and maintains body temperature. Each skin layer requires sufficient amount of moisture according to its role.

INTENSIVE CREAM MOISTURIZING FACIAL MASK contains 6 types of hyaluronic acid and supplies a sufficient amount of moisture to each layer.


Camellia Foaming Facial Cleanser

Hyaluronic acid – penetrates the deepest, the lower part of dermis, providing moisture, and increases skin volume.

Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid – penetrates into upper part of dermis and subcutaneous layer and increases skin volumes to ameliorate wrinkles.

Hydrolyzed Sodium Hyaluronate – penetrates into the dermis to supply moisture and increase skin volume.


It is a sub-acidic cleanser that protects the moisture of skin, helps skin relaxation, and goes easy on your skin.

It preserves a moisturized skin after face-cleansing as a sub-acidic cleanser.

As a sub-acidic cleanser having a similar pH level of human skin, it preserves the moisture of skin after a facial cleanse by protecting the moisture inside the skin. The main reason why skin-pulls, dryness, and other troubles occur after a facial cleanse is that you used an alkaline cleanser that has a strong detergency.

Hyaluronic acid and plant-based glycerin protects the skin moisture.

Hyaluronic acid is a matter that can attract moisture 1000 times of its volume, and has a magnificent effect on skin moisturizing, anti-aging and elasticity. Plant-based glycerin reinforces the moisturizing effect.

Amino acid surfactant usage takes it easy on the skin.

Amino acid surfactant almost has no irritation on the skin compared to petroleum based surfactants, and can be used on sensitive skins without any burden.

Allantoin and centella asiatica extract helps skin relaxation.

Allantoin and centella asiatica is usually used as a cosmetic material, helps skin relaxation, and can be used on sensitive skins caring the desired spot.





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