SICCUPS Dimpled Golf Tumbler 12oz. / 20oz.

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SICCUPS Dimpled Golf Tumbler 12oz. / 20oz.
SICCUPS Dimpled Golf Tumbler 12oz. / 20oz.
SICCUPS Dimpled Golf Tumbler 12oz. / 20oz.
SICCUPS Dimpled Golf Tumbler 12oz. / 20oz.
SICCUPS Dimpled Golf Tumbler 12oz. / 20oz.
  • DIMPLED GOLF BALL DESIGN – Our hammered exterior looks just like a golf ball and fits perfectly in your golf cart cup holder "grip it & sip it"
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – Everything that we manufacture is made to use every day and guaranteed for life (register your product at
  • SUPERIOR DESIGN – The unique design on this tumbler is not only beautiful but also very functional. We designed the 12oz tumblers to fit perfectly in your hand and also in your cup holder.
  • SPLASH-PROOF LID – The 12oz tumblers come standard with the SIC unbreakable splash-proof lid.
  • SWEAT FREE – Tired of being told to use a coaster? Tired of rings on your coffee table or condensation on your counter? Our insulation technology guarantees a sweat free drinking experience.
  • HAMMERED GLOSS WHITE - The gloss white hammered design looks very similar to a golf ball and will be a favorite for all golf enthusiasts and weekend hackers! 
  • PERFECT FOR COFFEE – Some prefer their coffee piping hot while others prefer iced coffee. Our vacuum insulation will keep your coffee at the perfect temperature for hours.
  • PERFECT FOR COCKTAILS – The 12oz tumbler is perfect for your favorite cocktail. With the double wall insulated exterior, you need less ice... leaving more room for the good stuff.
  • PERFECT FOR BEER – Let’s put it this way… It wasn’t an accident that this tumbler fits a 12oz beer perfectly!



 ***Putter and golf balls are not included.


Shipping Information

  • Warehouse is located in the U.S.
  • The standard shipping rule will apply (see Shipping at the bottom of the page)
    • U.S. Domestic: 3~5 days
    • U.S. International: upto 7 days
    • International: 7~21 days
  • Shipping carrier: UPS
  • Domestic Shipping Discount: Save $1 when buying a 2nd unit. Save $2 per unit from the 3rd unit. (i.e. $5 shipping for 1 unit, $9 shipping for 2 units, $12 shipping for 3 units, $15 shipping for 4 units, etc.)


Lifetime Warranty if the cup fails to insulate. Customers can file a warranty claim on SICCUPS website and SICCUPS team will handle the refund. If the products are tested and fails, customers either get a replacement cup or a full refund.  This does not cover cosmetic issues like chipping, or denting, etc.


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