ACTIBEAU Camellia Sunscreen + FREE Sports Gel
ACTIBEAU Camellia Sunscreen + FREE Sports Gel
ACTIBEAU Camellia Sunscreen + FREE Sports Gel
ACTIBEAU Camellia Sunscreen + FREE Sports Gel

ACTIBEAU Camellia Sunscreen + FREE Sports Gel

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Special Package: Buy 1 Sunscreen and Get 1 FREE Sports Gel!

Camellia Natural Mineral UV Defense Sunscreen SPF50+/PA++++

It is a natural mineral UV defense sunscreen that blocks the UV ray through natural mineral UV protection ingredients, relaxes the skin, preserves moisture in the skin, does not stress your skin, and produces a gorgeous skin tone.

UV defense, Whitening, Wrinkle Protection, triple-functional cosmetics

It is a natural mineral UV defense sunscreen that uses natural mineral UV protection ingredients.

As a natural mineral UV defense sunscreen that blocks the UV ray through creating a physical layer on the skin using the natural mineral UV defense ingredients, its UV protection effect is incredible.
Natural minerals can even be used on sensitive skins.

Camellia oil is highly effective at skin moisturizing and relaxation.

Camellia oil creates an oil-moisture layer on the surface of the skin, preserves moisture on skin, and protects the skin from dirt and foreign substances.

Camellia oil is excellent for anti-aging and wrinkle protection through skin relaxation and antioxidants.
Camellia oil’s oil properties blocks and absorbs the UV ray.

7-flower extract ingredients increase the effect of anti-aging and wrinkle improvement.

We filtered the 7 types of flower extract (apricot flower, white magnolia, honeysuckle, pear blossoms, camellia, pagoda tree flower, and safflower), that Yang Guifei allegedly used as her make-up water, through charcoal and jade three times. Therefore, the flower water, that is created through extracting only the ingredients beneficial for the skin, helps skin protection, anti-aging, and wrinkle improvement.

Spherical powder and plate powder complex enables a gorgeous skin tone.

The complex of spherical powder that helps sebum absorption and plate powder that has a silky texture gives a smooth usage-texture and tone-up effect, helping to make a gorgeous skin tone.

Significantly decreased the cloudy phenomenon of natural mineral UV sunscreen.

It isn’t burdensome anymore to re-apply, since it significantly decreased the cloudy phenomenon that usually appears on natural mineral UV sunscreens due to the minerals.


Sports Massage Gel 100% Water Soluble & Natural

It is a sports massage gel, made out of water soluble natural materials, that cools muscle and joints before/after sports and leisure activities. 

(Patent No. 1080444)

Invigorates the tiresome parts from sports, fitness, and leisure activities.

Since it cools the muscle to release tension on skin, it cools and invigorates the tired muscles and joints from excessive sports, fitness, and leisure activity. Also, using the product before sports, fitness, and leisure activity may increase the athletic abilities.

You may notice the instant effects from the cooling after sports, fitness, and leisure activities.

Since the product gives a cooling effect through the contain of MSM, founded by Stanly Jacobs (a doctor in the U.S.), menthol, campa components, licorice extract, it is recommended to be applied on muscles and joints before/after sports and leisure activities.
Also, the product is made by water soluble natural materials and patented technology, so its absorption is fast, and you may feel the effects immediately.

Uses 100% water soluble materials that penetrates deeply into the skin and lasts for about 4~6 hours.

Remedied the downsides of patch products or cream type products. 

The effect immediately appears due to its absorption stronger than patches, which lacks absorption rate, or oil-based cream products. It can also be applied conveniently on curve and hairy areas.



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